We provide all aspects of projects for residential and commercial clients, including design, engineering, project management and construction from the first conceptual ideas through the completion of the project. The design build concept, where both design and building services are supplied by the same source, is better than the traditional process and offers many advantages to our clients. There is continuity and clear responsibility through every step of the process,
from the first discussion to the completion of the project.
We can do everything.   We will do everything.







In the old traditional process an owner hires an architect or designer to provide creative design, drawings and technical documents needed to complete a construction project. When the design process is finished, the owner takes these drawings and specifications to a construction company to estimate or bid the project. The building contractor reviews the supplied documents and estimates the cost of construction based on his interpretation of the designers intent. The accuracy of the cost calculations are based on the thoroughness of the documents provided. The estimate excludes anything not specifically identified in the documents.

If the construction cost turns out to be higher than the client's budget, which is often the case, the client must then go back to the designer for revisions to the plans. The design/ estimating process starts over and is repeated until the cost of construction meets the clients budget. This can be a frustrating and costly experience for the owner.

The owner then negotiates with and hires a building contractor to build the project. The builder's contract with the owner is based on the plans and specifications provided by the owner and excludes anything else. At this point, questions regarding the project are the responsibility of the owner. Typically, the owner doesn't fully understand the technical drawings and specifications and is on their own - a risky and overwhelming situation to be in. This is the most common cause of owner dissatisfaction and always shows up during construction, when it's too late. The classic scenario is the client expecting something to have been included in the project and the builder taking the position that it wasn't part of the plans and specifications provided by the owner, so it will cost extra.

The relationship usually deteriorates as resentment continues through the construction. The client and builder become adversaries, rather than partners.


In a Design Build Alternatives project the problems associated with the traditional process are avoided. The best projects are the result of creative design, meticulous and realistic planning, and careful execution of the plan. The development of project plans starts with discussions in which the client describes their needs, expectations and budget. Many of the issues are intangible, like the style and feel of spaces, while others are very specific. These discussions are translated into drawings, models and specifications to confirm that both the owner and designer understand each other's expectations. The process starts with conceptual ideas and evolves through a process of refining stages that result in a comprehensive set of documents including drawings, specifications, and constuction costs that clearly reflect the intended project. Because Design Build Alternatives understands and will be responsible for the cost of construction, the design will meet the owner's budget the first time.

A construction project designed by Design Build Alternatives is best managed and built by Design Build Alternatives quite simply because we will understand the project better than any one else. We designed it and created the documentation so there is no confusion what is included in the project.

The construction process is the management of information, materials conveyed to the right people at the right time. Construction schedules are dependent on many people, situations and conditions, many of which can be controlled, and some that can not be controlled. The key to successful management of construction is recognizing the difference and having a documented, flexible system of management that can anticipate changes and respond quickly. Design Build Alternatives has years of experience using estimating and scheduling software developed specifically for our projects.

The project is manged seamlessly with a single source of information, enabling greater control and efficiency. We can predict and control costs for the owner and deliver the completed project better than anyone else. The owner is protected from the usual builder versus designer animosity and finger pointing during construction. The owner is secure knowing that Design Build Alternatives is responsible for and will take care of everything.

We have to be competitive to stay in business. That means having resources of seasoned people who are efficient, knowledgable, and available
to handle anything.

Creative design, realistic budgets and scheduling, and superior execution from Design Build Alternatives result in satisfied owners and lasting relationships.